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How to Book

The Festa do Carneiro ó Espeto® is usually organized in lots for 20 people, and it is not possible to reserve half a lot, or the Carneiro in parts.

However, this year due to the circumstances derived from the Covid-19 crisis, it will be possible to reserve the whole or half a lot. Likewise, the typical meal will not take place in the Carballeira of Santa Lucia, being the lots reserved for collection and tasting at home.

The period is open from June 22nd until 2pm on Friday July 17th 2020. The Organization reserves the right to close the period at any time, so it is better to book in advance.
The following document has all the information, including deadlines, account numbers for deposit and conditions.

If the group is not big enough for a lot, or half, it is possible to taste the carneiro in any of the restaurants in Moraña, which also offer it that day.

If you have any doubts, contact the Town hall by any of the ways provided in this link.